Nighthawk Router Login Guide

Nighthawk router setup requires very less effort because it is designed very well. You can also install Nighthawk App on your smartphone to control or setup new router using just smartphone.

We will show you two ways to install new Nighthawk router –

Setup using Windows / Mac 

  • Connect an ethernet cable from the internet modem to the yellow slot on the router.
  • Now you need to connect your computer on the Nighthawk router via cable or wifi.
  • After making all the above connections open your internet browser.
  • Now open or
  • You will get the Genie page where you need to enter few details and your setup will be done.
  • Now simply open play store / App Store and download Nighthawk APP.
  • Open the app and follow onscreen instruction to connect your app to the router.

Setup using Android / IOS

  • Make the cable connections as mentioned above and install the app.
  • Now on the app select New Setup to install router.
  • Once you follow onscreen steps your router will be installed and connected with app.

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